Cold Brews

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Our cold-brew concentrate is the ultimate drink base, cold brew is remarkably smooth, full of flavor and loaded with caffeine, you’ll love having a bottle of this on hand any time of year. We brew in house using our fresh roasted coffees to brew Supremo quality, small batches of cold brew.

These recipes are just waiting to be explored and enjoyed, we’ve given you a few to get started below.  Experiment on your own with your favorite mixers, sweeteners or local herbs.

Pro tip: save any cold brew nearing its expiration date by pouring it into your ice cube tray and storing it in the freezer!

Cold Brew Latte


  • 4 oz Cold Brew concentrate
  • 4 oz Milk/Milk alternative
  • 4 – 6 oz Ice

Fill cup 2/3 with ice. Add 4 oz cold brew concentrate, top with milk of choice. Variations include Mocha (chocolate; try it with Hatchlands Wicked Good Chocolate Milk), Maple syrup, or other sweeteners.

***For the holidays try it with a splash of Eggnog with the milk***

On the Rocks

Small but mighty, enjoy our cold brew concentrate like a fine whiskey. In a rocks style glass add 2-3 Large ice cubes, pour 2 oz of concentrate over ice. Swirl, reminisce, and enjoy. Sweeten it a bit by adding a small pour of maple syrup or honey.

HOT Cold Brew

Make a super smooth low-acid cup of coffee by reheating your Cold Brew concentrate with water OR as a latte with steamed or hot milk or choice of milk alternative.

Use a ratio of 1 part Cold Brew Concentrate to 1 part milk or water, adjust to your desired strength and flavor.

Cold Brew on Ice

The classic, cold brew coffee on ice!  Using the concentrate, pour equal parts cold brew and water over ice in a glass.  Sip and Enjoy!  Add cream or sweeteners if desired.

Lil Fizz

Do you like a little fizz?

Over ice, pour equal parts cold brew concentrate and sparkling water. Snazz it up with one of the following; a sprig of fresh mint, a lemon wedge, a slice of orange, or your favorite natural sweetener.

Coffee Shake

Send a couple of scoops of vanilla (or your favorite) ice cream into a blender with 3-5 oz of Cold Brew Concentrate. Add a splash of milk (or more concentrate if you dare!) to the blender to reach your desired consistency.

It’s OK if you don’t want to share this drink with anyone!

Simple Syrup

Sweeten your iced coffee with ease by making a simple syrup. In a saucepan, bring 1 cup of water to a boil, remove from heat and add 1 cup of sugar. Stir until dissolved. Allow to cool, and carefully pour into a bottle or jar, keep refrigerated 2-4 weeks.

Honey, Maple Syrup and Molasses can be reduced in a similar fashion to incorporate into drinks easier!