Kingdom Maple Festival

Cold brew in to go cup with whip cream on top

A Maple Iced Latte with whip cream and rainbow nonpareils on top, sits on a picnic table in a to go cup. The UVCR espresso truck is in the background flying the LGBTQIA and Espresso Flags shaded by a huge maple Tree at 4 Corners Farm in Newbury Vermont.

April 22, 2023

10am – 3pm

We’re excited to have our first event of the 2023 season to look forward to. Stop by to say hi and make your’s a maple!

A white hand holds up a Maple Cold Brew in front off the UVCR coffee truck menu. The Specials’ Menu reads; “Maple Iced Latte w/ Hatchland whole milk + Whipped Cream + Rainbow sprinkles $5/6/7/8 :)” Whole bean bags of coffee are under the counter and a “COFFEE” neon light shines in the background.

Celebrate St. Johnsbury’s history as the “Maple Center of the World” with a sweet street festival along Railroad Street