We’ve got plenty of Cold Brew coffee grounds to share!

If you could use some to amend your gardens here’s how;

  1. Drop off a bucket and lid with your info* at the coffee shed at the bottom of our driveway (*Contact name and # or email)
  2. We brew weekly so expect a call or email back within a few days.
  3. Pick up a full bucket of fresh coffee grounds that smell delicious!

We have a small shed at the base of our driveway (9340 scotch hollow rd, Newbury, VT).  We’ll let you know when your buckets are full and ready for P/U.  We also keep a small inventory of coffee there for folks to shop from.  Thank you for your support!

These grounds are uncomposted and are best mixed into the soil. Large piles or clumps on top may mold and unintentionally damage stems or roots.

Plants that love acidity and you;
Strawberries, blueberries, rose bushes, azaleas, mountain heather, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, yarrow, beech trees, willows, oaks, and dogwoods.

Map of UVCR delivery radius