What the Grind?

Making good coffee, it’s all about the grind

Use the guides below to choose the perfect grind for your brewer. We’ll grind your coffee any way you would like from super fine to super coarse. So many options for brewers these days, drop us a note if you are not sure the best grind for your application, or leave a comment when you submit your order.

What to choose? Helpful info below

Grind Options

Below is a list of grinding options available and their best applications that can be selected when adding our products to cart. We recommend purchasing Whole beans and grinding it fresh at home, so that is the default selection for our coffees.

Recommended for best shelf life, as it smells delicious each morning when you grind it fresh!

Best for french presses and cold brewing.

Coarse grind for Percolators

Coarse grind for Electric Percolators

A medium grind perfect for counter top coffee makers.

A medium grind perfect for counter top coffee makers a bit finer than ‘Drip’

Best with a Moka Pot or Pour Over brewing method.

Espresso grind for the espresso brewer

The finest grind for Turkish brewing.

Fun Infographic for us Visual Learners

Image and more brewing tips from ‘Coffee Grind Chart and Guide’

written by, Sasha Pavlovich