We are branching out!

In an effort to keep our product line consistent and delicious we have developed a number of blends. They are blended from specialty grade arabica coffees from our importers at Royal New York. Coffee from producer mills and buying centers offer us year-round availability, consistency and provide market prices for farmers. To keep our coffees affordable, consistent and sustainable we are opting to buy the bulk of our coffee from these regional mills and processing centers to support the average farmer.

We will continue to source single-origin coffees, and remain cognizant that these coffee come at a premium price, and the price of coffee is on the rise. We find that these coffees are fun and delicious in small doses, are fantastic high value crops for the producing farms, but challenging for us to offer in volume at this time. Look for limited releases of single origin coffees here on our website, or find us in person at the farmers market.


Upper Valley Coffee Roasters’ Blends

Listed from lightest to darkest find your perfect blend below!